Meet Our Team

Mr Sunday Segilola

As the Director/ Admission Coordinator, I am the visionary behind our team’s mission to help students study abroad. I inspire the team, forge partnerships, and maintain high-quality standards. My passion lies in empowering students to embrace challenges and become global citizens. Together, we make study abroad dreams a reality, fostering culturally aware individuals for an interconnected world.

~ Director/ Admission Coordinator
Mrs Esther Segilola

As the Student Relationship Manager, I am the heart of our team, orchestrating the student travel abroad for study purposes. With meticulous notes and flawless coordination, I harmonize administrative tasks, communication, and organization. My passion is nurturing a seamless experience, empowering students to reach their potentials, making study abroad dreams a melodious reality.

~ Student Relationship Manager
Mrs Abiola Fafiola Famurewa
BSc, MSc

As the Digital Marketing Manager, I wield the power of pixels and algorithms, orchestrating symphonies of outreach and engagement. With strategic finesse, I craft captivating campaigns that resonate across digital realms, drawing eager scholars to explore the world through education. Through the wizardry of analytics, I unravel insights to optimize our global presence, ensuring that every student’s desire to study abroad is ignited and fulfilled. 

~ Digital Marketing Manager

In addition to the core team members (Director/ Admission Coordinator, Student Relationship Manager, and Digital Marketing Manager), our team at STT GLOBAL is comprised of a diverse group of professionals, each contributing their unique expertise and passion to the study abroad experience. Together, we are dedicated to guiding and empowering students as they embark on transformative journeys of education and cultural immersion. Our collective commitment to excellence ensures that students receive personalized support, top-notch programs, and a safe and enriching environment while studying abroad. With the utmost care and attention to detail, we strive to make every student’s dream of studying abroad a reality, fostering global citizens who are ready to thrive in an interconnected world.

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