STT Global: What you need to know?

About SGEC

STT GLOBAL EDUCONSULTS is an international educational Consultancy which provides guidance in admission, counselling, and helps students in achieving their dream career goals. It is a one stop solution for the students who are willing to study overseas.

Our plan for this business is to support an individual, organisation in any such way they might be new or struggling with there are daily business needs. We want to see ourselves in this business as a family with joint hands to make the business grow and sharing of ideas in business context. Our business was split into different ways which mean we have many services to provide for an individual, and organisation in any specific needs at an exact time. In the short period to this time, we want to see us booming problem solving to many individuals and organisations.

We are the bridge between the students, colleges, and the universities. We believe in Quality of service, fastest process of admission for the students. We have a team of professionals who are highly qualified, expert counsellors and trained faculties who can guide the students in selecting university, specialization course, country for choice, regrading prerequisite exams and accommodation guidance which suits the students. When you decide to study abroad, you are doing so because you have a future plan.

Our Vision

SGEC would like to be among the many other organisation, schools, and companies that would like to encourage students to pause and think where and how we are going.  One of our vision is to render effective service to students and provide one stop study abroad solution to the students and to help them in achieving their career goals through our guidance and counselling and to increase the value of partner institutions. Our vision is to identify, encourage and nurture leadership, confidence, responsibility, teamwork, a world vision and other positive traits in students, an individual young learner through today’s innovative technology of learning in the societies. Also, is to become a market leader in educational consultancy, facilities business model and to expand our services the globe.

Our Mission

  • To enable students to achieve their dreams and reach their potential in whatever they aim to do.
  • To provide unparalleled academic excellence.
  • To promote ethical practices and the development of social awareness and responsibility in all our students.
  • To encourage all students to aim high in whatever they do, and to impose no limits on students’ ambitions.
  • To work with the high-esteemed hallmark of honesty, courage, fair play, and initiative-taking along with the teamwork of our people and our ability to respond effectively to the positive and productive changes taking place in all aspects of life including communication, skills, technology, and environment.
  • To provide loving care, support, and encouragement equally to students of all backgrounds, nationalities, all races, and religions, creating within the academy a harmonious multicultural learning environment for all students to achieve their success.  
  • To create a working environment, which motivates, recognizes and rewards achievements at all levels, under the slogan: ′we would always perform our obligations with integrity, devotion, truthfulness, confidence and would strive for the greatest and achieve for the highest to meet our sublime aims and splendid goals.

Our Goals

  • To provide Quality educational guidance to the students who dream to study abroad and to expand our services globally.
  • To help the students in meeting their career goals and helps them in achieving success.
  • To provide all service relating to international studies under one roof.
  • To support an individual and organisation with registration of schools in Nigeria.
  • To expand our services into transportation, supply chain and facilities management on the long run.
  • To establish a college and university in our company name in Nigeria.

Our Values

  • Being customer focused
  • Achieving excellence in whatever we do
  • Ensuring responsible counselling through effective teamwork
  • Offering excellent quality consultancy service
  • Working with integrity
  • Encouraging cultural diversity
  • Encouraging with health and safety, safeguarding of the student, staff and the public are concerned.
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